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Let our Italy experts help you design an itinerary that:

• satisfies your wish list
• assures you the best available prices
• eliminates wasted time and costly errors
• connects you with experienced, entertaining local guides

Are you an independent traveler looking to get off the beaten track without missing the must-sees? Do you want to get the most bang for your buck, see and do as much as possible without wasting time or competing in a travel marathon?

At In Italy Online, our only goal is to help you put together an affordable, memorable vacation that ticks all the boxes on your wish list while still leaving time for that great Italian specialty, dolce far niente!

When it comes to vacations, you know what you want and we know Italy. It's as simple as that! If you are willing to let us do all the work, we will make sure you have all the fun. Of course, you can also spend hours, days, weeks, months getting more and more confused trying to do all the research yourself. Heck, you could probably also get a manual and fix your own broken refrigerator! But if the refrigerator expert told you he'd do it at no charge to you, why would you waste time, stress out and risk doing it wrong?

Let us use our expertise to design the trip you want, so that you can concentrate on the adventure that lies ahead.

Here's all it takes to Create Your Own Italy:

• fill in your Personal Travel Profile
• browse our Sample Itineraries
• receive our proposal for your specific itinerary
• correspond with us to customize the trip so it fits your needs


Why Choose In Italy Online?

Because we know Italy better than anyone! Of course, the web is full of sites run by people who are passionate about Italy, and there are countless forums where you can read comments submitted by travelers who have visited Italy. These people want to be helpful, but here are some of the advantages they cannot offer you:

• we really mean it when we say there is hardly one square inch of Italy that we do not know
• we have been organizing the minute details of trips for independent travelers for 20 years
• our opinions about lodgings and services are based upon two decades of our own personal experiences and reports from our own clients, not upon one-time comments from strangers
• our clients benefit from on-the-ground assistance
provided by partners with whom we have worked for 10 to 20 years
• and none of this costs you one cent! In fact,
we can often get you lower prices than if you did all this work by yourself

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